“Art washes from the soul the dust of everyday life”

— Pablo Picasso

I grew up in a small North Carolina town, and my friends and I often turned to creative outlets for entertainment. My love for art started there where I took painting classes once a week and was exposed to the inviting world of oil paints. Over the years I immersed myself in studio art, art history, arts management, advertising, and faux finishing. I was constantly drawn to different facets of art…always appreciating how it embodies all cultures and serves as a catalyst for understanding many aspects of human existence.

As my three girls grew older, I found more time to paint. Classes and workshops have served as sources of learning and experimentation. I am constantly humbled, energized, and exhausted as I strive for more experiences and knowledge. I find daily influence from people, images, and experiences, and with that comes a desire to push myself further. 

I continue to explore with abstract and traditional painting in hopes of evoking a connection through color, texture, and composition. I am fortunate and blessed to enjoy many things in life, but none are quite like expression through painting where I can joyfully lose track of "the dust of every day life" and time. That is a true gift that I treasure.